A handy guide to choosing your wedding hymns

As plans come together for your big day – no matter how far away it may be – you will realise how important music is for bringing it all together; for you, your future spouse and all of your guests. The music you choose to play from the beginning to the end of the day will set the tone, establish the perfect atmosphere, and of course, bring the party!

The songs you want for your first dance, for your reception and for the DJ to play might spring to mind immediately, however choosing the hymns for your wedding ceremony might be slightly more stressful.

Choosing your wedding hymns

There are so many hymns out there and some are certainly more familiar than others. Whether you go to church regularly or not, there are some hymns that everyone seems to just know and recognise, and it’s those well-known ones that really come into their own on special occasions like weddings.

Even if you or your guests don’t know it word for word, an upbeat hymn can bring people together in song…or loud humming at least. Who doesn’t love a sing-along? Choose your hymns right, and there will be no awkward or vague mumblings coming from your guests to accompany your ceremony music, but instead, an uproar of sound to raise the roof off your venue!

For the ceremony, couples tend to choose 2 to 3 hymns (maybe with a mixture of both traditional and modern) with the final hymn choice being perhaps the most rousing in spirit! Those couples that are regular church-goers will no doubt know a few favourites from the hymn books already, but what about those that don’t attend church frequently?

This handy list of wedding hymn suggestions will help refresh your mind of well-known tunes, and bring you back to the past church services, school assemblies and other people’s wedding ceremonies where you’ve heard them. This way, you’ve got the help you need to choose your wedding hymns without even opening a hymn book.

Abide With Me

All Things Bright And Beautiful

Amazing Grace

Bind Us Together

Dear Lord and Father Of Mankind

Give Me Joy In My Heart

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise


Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us

Lord Of All Hopefulness

Lord Of The Dance

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Morning Has Broken

One More Step Along The World I Go

Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven

Tell Out My Soul

The King Of Love My Shepherd Is

The Lord’s My Shepherd

Before choosing

Before making your final choice of hymns, it’s important to talk to your chosen musician about your possible selection. This way you can ensure that everything is in check with your plans, helping to make sure your big day runs smoothly and just the way you want it.

Free consultation

If you’re still unsure about which hymns to choose or what music to have on your wedding day, I offer a free consultation for couples. With this service I can perform the music you have in mind so that you are able to hear how it will sound on the piano and make sure it’s exactly what you want at your wedding.

It’s so important that you are happy with all of your big day preparations and celebrations, so if you’d like to arrange a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling me on 07815444049 or by filling out the contact form below.