How to have a film-themed wedding

One fabulous idea for a wedding theme is television or films. Perhaps you and your partner have the same favourite film, or spent hours binge-watching a Netflix series together – why not incorporate that into your wedding? It’s a fun wedding theme that a lot of your wedding guests will appreciate too.

You don’t need to go all out with your theme. No, your Star Wars wedding theme doesn’t mean the bride has to sport a Darth Vader cape and helmet down the aisle, and no, the bridesmaids don’t need to be fully dressed up as Daenerys’ dragons for your Game of Thrones big day.

With television and film-inspired weddings, the little things can make just as big of an impression. Here are some clever ways you can fit in your favourite television series or film into your wedding…

Wedding stationery

For your guests, your wedding starts with the invite! Those save-the-dates and wedding invitations provide your guests with an inkling into your wedding, so it’s great to match them with your theme in some way. Sucker for a superhero film? Give Superman or Spiderman some limelight by popping their faces on your wedding stationery.


You don’t need to go all-out on fancy dress to show off your film wedding theme, whichever movie or series you decide to base your big day on. If you do want to incorporate the theme with your wedding outfits, think about smaller features – how about the bride’s shoes, the groom’s tie, the groomsmen’s neckerchiefs, or the bridesmaids’ hairpieces for example?


Your wedding décor is something that you can really play around with and adapt to your theme. Opt for subtle hints of your favourite film, or work on transforming to your venue into something as if it was out of the film itself. Whichever option you choose, have fun with it. One thing: you might just have to give your fave film another watch to gather up some inspiration for your décor.

Table names

Wedding themes can usually be seen in the names that the couple give the tables in their reception room. With a film-inspired wedding or a television theme, you could name your tables after characters, events, episodes, actors… the list is almost endless! Let your creativity run wild.

Wedding favours

An obvious place to slip in a movie theme to your big day is with the wedding favours. It could be as simple as matching the favours to a particular colour scheme or wrapping it up in related gift wrapping, or you could take it one step further by choosing merchandise for the film or series.

The cake

Recent trends around wedding cakes have seen simple and they’ve seen extravagant. Couples can opt for the traditional choice of a lightly decorated fruit cake, or they can go for something a little bit more. There’s no end to cake bakers’ talents these days. More and more, the wedding cake is becoming an aspect of the big day where couples can really show off their personalities… or their favourite film perhaps?

Wedding music

Music takes up a lot of your big day; from the ceremony to the reception, to the moment the guests hit the dancefloor. There is so much choice when it comes to wedding music, whether or not you’re going for a traditional approach or for a specific theme. If you are going for a film-inspired wedding, think of the fun you can have!

It’s essential that you fit in the theme tune somewhere, but perhaps your favourite film is well known for its soundtrack? Sit down and take the time to plan where these songs would fit in well with your day. If you’re having a professional musician or band play at your wedding, make sure you involve them in these discussions too.

For example, whilst some songs might not be included in my repertoire, I am more than happy to learn new songs and new music to make your big day extra special. Just get in touch and let me know!


Having a professional wedding photographer gives you the chance to capture your big day in the best way possible. A professional eye will know what to look out for and be there at the perfect moment for a snap. For a film-themed wedding, think about all those group shots and how you can make them show off your theme. Maybe get in some fancy dress options and props for a few silly photos? Consider having a photobooth where you can let the rest of your guests run wild too.

First dance

You already know the importance of wedding music, and that includes the first dance too. Often couples feel a bit of pressure when it comes to the song they choose and the dance they dance, with many opting for professional dance lessons too. How about incorporating the iconic dance of your favourite film into your wedding by doing it yourself? That Dirty Dancing lift or that Saturday Night Fever boogy could be the perfect way to round off your big day. You never know, you could end up a YouTube sensation…