Portable grand piano information

Benjamin’s portable grand piano is the perfect choice of instrument for a wedding ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast. It will look and sound superb in any environment and can be set up easily both indoors and outdoors. The following information is a set of frequently asked questions regarding the functionality, sound and general usage of the grand piano.

How is it a “portable” grand piano?

The portable grand piano is made up of two parts; the outer “shell” and a digital stage piano keyboard that fits inside it. The shell itself can be dismantled, packed away in a bag and moved easily by a single person. “Real” or acoustic pianos that some venues have are not easily moved and more often than not have to remain in one place.

Can it be set up outdoors?

Yes the grand piano can be set up at any location, indoors and outdoors. Please note however that some venues have strict policies regarding amplified music being played outdoors.

Will it sound like a real grand piano?

The Yamaha digital stage piano that I use and that fits inside the “grand piano shell” is one of the finest products on the market and one that has been the preferred choice of instrument by many top international artists including: Elton John, Lady Antebellum, Chick Corea and David Paich (Toto). The instrument is as natural sounding as any acoustic grand piano. It will also be perfectly in-tune, something that many acoustic pianos are not. Hearing is believing however and so why not arrange a free consultation to hear it for yourselves?

Do you have more than one grand piano?

Currently I have only the one grand piano. In addition to the grand piano however I am able to bring two other Yamaha digital stage pianos. These will ensure that the music can flow without interruption from one part of the day in to the next: Ceremony, Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast. Although these pianos do not have “shells” they will each have the same quality of sound as the grand piano.

Will the grand piano take up a lot of room?

The grand piano itself is about 5 square feet (1.5 square metres) in size. A floor space of about 6.5 square feet (2 square metres) is required however to ensure there is enough room to accommodate the grand piano.

How loud will it be?

As it is a digital piano it can be as loud or as quiet as is necessary for the room and the amount of guests that are present. One of the other advantages of the portable grand piano (as with all of my digital pianos) is that it can be linked to several smaller monitor speakers. These speakers can then be placed discreetly around a room to ensure that everyone can hear the music at an appropriate level.

How long does it take to set up?

The process of setting up the grand piano itself will only take about 15-20 minutes. Dismantling it will take a similar amount of time. Setting up the necessary PA equipment including laying down cables etc can take considerably longer. This amount of time is dependant on several things; how many parts of the day I am booked to play for, how many other pianos I am required to set up, how many rooms/areas you would like the music to be heard in and how large these areas are.

Could we have the grand piano for more than one part of the day?

Yes, however if the grand piano is required to be in more than one room then moving it can take between 20-30 minutes.

How much will the grand piano cost to have at our wedding?

Hiring a real grand piano will often cost several hundreds of pounds. My portable grand piano, additional stage pianos and all other equipment are included in each package price.